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Coasts and  Mountains

Dry Forest Destinations

Jaco, Herradura and Hermosa Beach

These two beaches are a famous surfing destination. They have a large number of businesses and services such as tourism facilities (hotels, restaurants, etc). In this zone we offer hotel service and car rentals to move through out the area.

Synthesis of activities: Excellent scenery, kayak tours, 4 wheelers, diving, sailing, riding, hikes, hanging bridges, surfing, jet skis, sports fishing and mountain biking.

Barra Honda Caves

In this park, where former coral reefs expose fossils in its caves we have a tour showing the geological evolution of Costa Rica. This tour is only offered to people in medium to good physical condition due to the characteristics of the terrain. It is a unique experience showing all of the cave formations full of stalagtites and stalagmites.

Synthesis of activities: Excellent scenery, Climbing, Photography, Speleology, Volunteer comunity service, hikes, caving. In Nicoya, near this park, we perform volunteer activities and community service.

Miravalles Volcano

This volcano has a volcanic history similar to the Rincon de la viejo volcano. The groups we bring to this site are generally students and people interested in the rational use of natural resources. It now has an advanced geothermal plant. We include in a visit to this plant a visit to thermal waters and mud flows. The route connecting Miravalles with Rincon de la vieja is scenic and good for exjploration, where changes in microclimates predominate within short geopraphical distances. Mountain biking is the main activity in this zone

Synthesis of activities: Excellent scenery, photography, bird watching, wildlife observation, thermal waters, study tourism, and mountain biking.

Nancite Beach

Playa Nancite is located within the Santa Rosa National Park and is a very important site for the olive ridley turtle nesting on the Pacific coast.

Synthesis of activities: Turtle nesting watch

Palo Verde National Park

The Palo Verde national park is a natural habitat for the nesting of hundreds of species of resident and migratory birds. When we travel around this park on trails ranging from easy to moderate we will visit lakes and Guayacan look out with a magnificent view of the meandering Tempisque river. There is also a boat tour of the Tempisque exploring dirfferent types of wildlife including monkeys, birds, crocodiles, iguanas, etc.

Synthesis of activities: Excellent scenery, hikes, photography, bird watching, wildlife observation, boat tours, and mountain biking.

Playa Grande

This National Park is an important site for the conservation of the nesting place of the Leather back turtle, a giant reptile which is the only survivor to its family and has been on Earth for millions of years. During the day it is possible to explore the beach and practice sports.

Synthesis of activities: Beach, surfing, Turtle nesting watch , boogie boarding, biking, swimming and photography

Rincon de la Vieja Volcano

Crossing a landscape similar to semi desert, in the national park we offer a wide variety of trails at levels from moderate to difficult with possibilities to explore the crater (advanced physical level), the crab waterfall (intermediate) and Las Pailas (easy to moderate). The forest is habitat to many species of animals including the always evasive cats such as the jaguar, ocelotes, etc. Easier to see are the monkeys, pizotes, guatusas and an interesting variety of birds. The volcanic demonstrations are varied such as mud flows, thermal water and gysers.

Synthesis of activities: Excellent scenery, hikes, photography, Canopy, Hotel reservations, Car rental, Horseback riding, Landscapes, Wildlife, bird watching, observing wildlife, riding, rapeling and mountain biking.

Santa Rosa National Park

This former hacienda, one of the last remnants of the tropical dry forest on the pacific side of America, whose casona is today a historic museum forged in the most brilliant pages in the history of Costa Rica as the place where the national defense began. In this place we visit in addition to the casona, trails of varying degrees of difficulty, including easy hikes for people of all ages and also a 13 km hike to the majestic playa Naranjo, where the famous witches rock is located, an impressive destination for surfers and scenery lovers. Also in this area is the playa Nancite park which is an important site for Lora turtle nesting on the pacific side.

Synthesis of activities: Excellent scenery, hikes, history and culture (museum), nature observation, mountain biking, Biking, History & culture, Landscapes, Students Tour, Wildlife and student tourism.

Sardinal Flamingo beach

Synthesis of activities: Biking

Tamarindo beach

This is another destination for sun and beach lovers. Also for surfers. Spanish classes are also available that we combine with various tours of the area to other beaches such as Langosta, playa Grande (both sites for Baula Turtle nesting), and other more remote beaches such as playa Real, Avellanas, Flamingo, Brasilito, and Conchal among others.

Synthesis of activities: Excellent scenery, All Terrain Vehicle Tour or Reservation, Car rental, Horseback riding, Hotel Reservations, Landscapes, Snorkeling, kayak tours, 4 wheelers, diving, sailing, riding, surfing, jet skis, sport fishing, biking, and Spanish classes.

Malpaís Beach

On a tip of the Peninsula de Nicoya is Malpais, a surfers beach and paradisiac place that has been visited recently by movie stars such as Leo Di Caprio, Gwyneth Paltrow and other people that are looking for a place to relax and hide away from the rutine of work.

Synthesis of activities: Car rental, Hotel reservations, Kayaking, Landscapes, Swimming, Photography, beach and sun, hiking, surfing and biking.

Ostional Beach

Ostional is an important nesting site for the olive ridley turtles which usually come in spectacular arrives of up to 4000 or more per night during the season. The place can be visited from Playa Sámara or Playa Tamarindo.

Sinthesis of activities: turtle nesting from june to september

Samara Beach

Playa Samara is a beach in the Peninsula de Nicoya with shallow waters and medium size waves and a little island in front. It is a destination with all kinds of facilities and activities and you can visit other places nearby such as the Barra Honda caves, Carrillo beach and more.

Synthesis of activities: surfing, boogie boarding, Biking, kayaking, windsurfing, ultralights, hiking in caves and biking.

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