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Coasts and  Mountains

Volcanoes and mountains Destinations

Monteverde Cloud Forest

This particular zone contains one of the last habitats for unique species such as the quetzal. The forest is a combination of flora, fauna, and clouds in the summits of the continental divide.. In this zone, tourism and conservation have grown and we offer activities that include zip line canopy cables (tirolinas), cloud forests in the Santa Elena Monteverde biological reserve, guided night tours, hanging bridges over the forest, educational butterfly gardens, insect museums, frog and snake zoo, Spanish classes, and community work Mountain biking can be done in the region or as a way to travel towards Arenal or the Central Pacific. The terrain of Monteverde is irregular and the elevtion is 1400 meters (4500 feet) above sea level. Never the less, the routes leaving Monteverde are mostly downhill.

Synthesis of activities: Excellent scenery, hikes, wildlife observation, 4 wheeler tours, riding, mountain biking, insect museum, butterfly farm, skytrek, canopy, snake zoo, Spanish classes and community work, among other things.

Irazu Volcano

Along the route towards the summit of Irazu you can see majestic views that will take anybodies breath away. Agricultural and dairy farms, as well as views of the Central Valley and the Talamanca range oblige you to stop and take photos. This colosus that dominates the central volcanic range is the highest volcano in Costa Rica reaching an elevation of 3443 meters (11,400 feet) above sea level and from its summit on clear days you can see both the Pacific ocean and the Caribberan sea. Its last violent eruption was in 1963, on the first day of John F. Kennedys visit to the country., Its main crater is known as the Diego de la Haya crater and the lunar views are unique, accessable, and permit you to go on hikes of low difficulty. However, do not forget about the altitude and low temperatures when preparing for a visit to this location.

There is an excellent trail for experienced mountain bikers that links Irazu volcano with the city of Turrialba passing next to the volcano of the same name that consists of the second phase of the world famous mountain bike competition called the route of the conquistadors. The terrain planted with farm crops and dairies surround the rock and ash roads that you ride on..

Synthesis of activities: Short hikes, excellent scenery, photography, and mountain biking.

Orosi Valley

Some compare this scenery in Cartago withhiher latitude mountains. During the trip around Cachi lake, there are lookouts from where you can appreciate the beauties of this land of coffee plantations and colonial churches. The ruins of Ujarras and the Orosi church are a step back in the history of Costa Rica in the XVII and XVIII centuries. This trip is done together with a visit to the Irazu volcano and is apt for groups of all ages. This valley is also accessable by an intermediate mountain bike tour that starts in the south of the city of Cartago and goes to the Orosi valley where there is the option to go around the lake by the paved road or continue surrounded by coffee plantations to the entrance of the Tapanti National Park. This is an impressive rain forest with exuberant natural beauty and abundant wildlife.

Synthesis of activities: Excellent scenery, hikes, photography, and road and mountain biking.

Poás Volcano

Even if you have visited other volcano craters, Poas has its own beauty, which is why your visit here will always be a pleasure. The altitude is a little more than 2800 meters (8800 feet) and the termperatures are low to moderate. The main crater is accessable by a short 15 minute hike and it has a beautiful turquoise lake and gysers that are evidence of the constant volcanic activity. There is another trail of moderated difficulty that leads to the ancient Botos crater where there is a lake surrounded by rain forest.

Synthesis of activities: Excellent scenery, bird watching, plants, hikes and Wildlife.

Turrialba Volcano

This strato volcano is a spot for the mountain lovers. Located in the Central Volcanic Mountain Range you can access this place through the Central Valley and arrive to a mountain lodge on the foothill of Turrialba volcano. Once there there are several activities to excercise or just relax surrounded by the beauty of the green pastures and cloud forest.

Miravalles Volcano

This volcano has a volcanic history similar to the Rincon de la viejo volcano. The groups we bring to this site are generally students and people interested in the rational use of natural resources. It now has an advanced geothermal plant. We include in a visit to this plant a visit to thermal waters and mud flows. The route connecting Miravalles with Rincon de la vieja is scenic and good for exjploration, where changes in microclimates predominate within short geopraphical distances. Mountain biking is the main activity in this zone

Synthesis of activities: Excellent scenery, photography, bird watching, wildlife observation, thermal waters, study tourism, and mountain biking.

Rincon de la Vieja Volcano

Crossing a landscape similar to semi desert, in the national park we offer a wide variety of trails at levels from moderate to difficult with possibilities to explore the crater (advanced physical level), the crab waterfall (intermediate) and Las Pailas (easy to moderate). The forest is habitat to many species of animals including the always evasive cats such as the jaguar, ocelotes, etc. Easier to see are the monkeys, pizotes, guatusas and an interesting variety of birds. The volcanic demonstrations are varied such as mud flows, thermal water and gysers.

Synthesis of activities: Excellent scenery, hikes, photography, Canopy, Hotel reservations, Car rental, Horseback riding, Landscapes, Wildlife, bird watching, observing wildlife, riding, rapeling and mountain biking.

Tenorio Volcano

In the community of Bijagua de Upala can be found el Albergue Ecoturistico las Heliconias. (Heliconia plantation). Here we offer visits to the rain forest, hanging bridges, trails to waterfalls and crater lakes. Also to the majestic Celeste river where volcanic activity tints the crystal water in a light blue color. The abundance of birds makes this a good destination for bird watchers and nature lovers in general.. It is a good location for student groups.

Synthesis of activities: Excellent scenery, hikes, photography, bird watching, wildlife observation, riding, hanging bridges, mountain biking and student groups.

Masaya Volcano

Masaya volcano, a volcano composed of 5 craters that have had diverse eruptive periods. You can visit the craters Santiago, San Fernando and San Juan, and in addition Lake Masaya.

Synthesis of activities: Hiking, photography, landscapes, biking.

Arenal Volcano

This majestic volcano is one of the 10 most active in the world. This colosus in a conal form has been active since the devastating eruption of 1968, occasionally emitting piroclastic flows. Around the volcano are sugar, pinapple, papaya, yuca, malanga, and name plantations. In this zone, depending on physical condition, there are visits to the national park towards former lava flows, hanging bridges over the forest, the impressive La Fortuna waterfall, a tram, canopy through the forest, the lake, thermal waters, the extinct volcano lake Chato, and the Venado caves.

Synthesis of activities: Excellent scenery, hikes, wildlife observation, riding, mountain biking, sky trek, sky tram, canopy, La Fortuna waterfall, lake tour, etc.

Cerro de la Muerte

At 3400 meters (11,000 feet) above sea level emerges the impressive Bella Vista peak, known as the summit of death. Contrary to the insinuation of the name, this site is unique in Costa Rica for its beauty and ecosystems such as cloud forests and sub moors. The elevation and climate have similar characteristics of some places in the Andes, with typical vegetation of this type of geographic zone

Activities: Bird watching is an interesting activity. In fact, this zone possibly is the easiest place to see the majestic Quetzal Resplandeciente, which is a resident species. Extreme hikes, riding, and canopy tour.

Synthesis of activities: Excellent scenery, photography, hikes, horseback riding, riding, canopy tour, and mountain biking.

Chirripo Mountain

In Central America there exist only 2 sites of glacial origin, one of them in Guatemala and Chirripo Peak that emerges 3819 meters (12,500 feet) above sea level with impressive glacial lakes and vegetation adapted to the extreme climatic conditions at its summit. The views of this site are simply a trip to another dimension. To visit this national park it is required to make reservations in advance, since the only place to stay is the park lodge. To ascend to the lodge it is required to be in good physical condition. The hike on the first day is approximately 7 hours. Once at the lodge, there are multiple trails of 2 to 4 hours in duration to visit Big Chirripo Peak, Ventisqueros, Crestones, Valley of the lions and others.

Synthesis of activities: Excellent scenery, photography, and hikes.

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